Vegan Insalata Italiana


Course: Main

Serves: 2 persons

Preparation time:
Slicing and Dicing: 4 minutes
Aesthetically Pleasing Presentation: 1 minute
Total: 5 minutes


1 x premium Japanese kitchen knife
1 x hand-crafted colander
1 x vegan (to slice and dice)


  • 1 x 750ml bottle of artesian Vegan Water®
  • 1 x organically-grown Romaine lettuce from the local farmers' market
  • 1 x punnet of cherry tomatoes plucked straight-off-the-vine
  • Assortment of colourful in-season veggies that have been kissed by the glimmering rays of the Adriatic sun
  • Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil (i.e. oil that hasn't been fucked)
  • Lemon, garlic cloves, oregano, and fresh parsley for use in Italian dressing.


1) Finely chop your hand-selected tomatoes and veggies before rinsing them in the colander with your artesian Vegan Water®. Use a massing motion whilst doing so to help the fresh flavours ooze out into the dish.

2) Tentatively break apart your lettuce leaves and, again, rinse with artesian Vegan Water®.  Keep a couple of leaves left over to feed to your pet rabbit; filling the bottle in its hutch with Vegan Water® if you feel so inclined to do so. We are all God's creatures and deserve equal opportunities. The refreshing, unparalleled taste of Vegan Water® is not only reserved for Homo Sapiens.

3)  Drizzle a healthy serving of olive oil into a bowl before adding two cloves of freshly-pressed garlic, the juice of one squeezed lemon and a pinch of oregano and parsley. Mix thoroughly.

4) Present the ingredients in a serving bowl in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement before serving up the delight to your guest. 

Vegan Filtered Coffee

1 x v60 coffee maker
1 x hand-crafted ceramic mug
1 x vegan (to do latte art and drink)

1 x 750ml bottle of artesian Vegan Water®
1 x bag of Tanzania Peaberry Coffee beans

Course: Drink

Serves: 1 Person

Preparation time: 
Boiling: 120 seconds
Making Modern Day Art: 120 seconds
Total: 4 minutes


1) Source a high-quality and organically produced coffee product from a far-flung region of the globe. You know fine well that instant coffee is a disgrace to your vegan lifestyle. Here at Vegan Water®, we can un-scientifically state that the more remote and impoverished the area where the beans are grown, the better the coffee. Try countries such as Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Honduras for starters.

2) Boil the required amount of our natural artesian Vegan Water®. Tap water is for amateurs.

3) Grow a beard, put on a flannel shirt, roll up the bottom of your jeans, and spin your favourite vinyl on a record player.

4) Prepare coffee using your V60 coffee maker in the most hipster way possible.

Organic Vegan Fruit Salad

1 x hand-made bowl
1 x fork
1 x vegan (to eat)

1 x 750ml bottle of artesian Vegan Water®
1 x punnet of organically grown strawberries

1 x punnet of organically sourced blueberries
Selection of additional fruit as desired

Course: Snack/Treat

Serves: 1+ Persons

Preparation time: 
Slicing: 120 seconds
Serving: 60 seconds
Total: 3 minutes

"Some things just aren't vegan enough" - Abraham Lincoln (maybe)


1) Unbox your fruit and ethically dispose of the packaging in your recycling bin.

2) Wash the fruit with our natural artesian Vegan Water

3) Slice fruit into manageable mouthful sized pieces

4) Arrange sliced fruit in a bowl

5) Eat

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Vegan Snow Cones

1 x glass drinking chalice
1 x organically made straw
1 x vegan (to drink)

1 x 750ml bottle of natural artesian Vegan Water®
1 x handful of snow

1 x gluten-free lemon

Course: Snack/Treat

Serves: 1+ Persons

Preparation time: 
Packing: 60 seconds
Pouring: 30 seconds
Squeezing: 30 seconds
Total: 2 minutes

Having friends over for a lovely summer vegan BBQ? These easy-to-make vegan-friendly snow cones will have your guests sipping away with delight as they tuck into their chickpea burgers and vegetable satay sticks. And by using our premium artesian bottled water as the main ingredient, you will set the gold standard for all future gatherings between your lifestyle-orientated acquaintances.

1) Take your sustainably-sourced snow powder (we recommend Norwegian Fjord Snow) and fill your drinking chalice halfway. In the world of Vegan Water, the glass is always half-full.

2) Pour your premium artesian bottled Vegan Water over the top until the chalice is full.

3) Squeeze your gluten-free lemon (we recommend purchasing from the farmer's market) over the crystal-clear slush and then place rind on top for aesthetics.

4) Mix drink with your organically-produced straw and then serve to the delighted faces of your guests.