Vegan Snow Cones

1 x glass drinking chalice
1 x organically made straw
1 x vegan (to drink)

1 x 750ml bottle of natural artesian Vegan Water®
1 x handful of snow

1 x gluten-free lemon

Course: Snack/Treat

Serves: 1+ Persons

Preparation time: 
Packing: 60 seconds
Pouring: 30 seconds
Squeezing: 30 seconds
Total: 2 minutes

Having friends over for a lovely summer vegan BBQ? These easy-to-make vegan-friendly snow cones will have your guests sipping away with delight as they tuck into their chickpea burgers and vegetable satay sticks. And by using our premium artesian bottled water as the main ingredient, you will set the gold standard for all future gatherings between your lifestyle-orientated acquaintances.

1) Take your sustainably-sourced snow powder (we recommend Norwegian Fjord Snow) and fill your drinking chalice halfway. In the world of Vegan Water, the glass is always half-full.

2) Pour your premium artesian bottled Vegan Water over the top until the chalice is full.

3) Squeeze your gluten-free lemon (we recommend purchasing from the farmer's market) over the crystal-clear slush and then place rind on top for aesthetics.

4) Mix drink with your organically-produced straw and then serve to the delighted faces of your guests.