Organic Vegan Fruit Salad

1 x hand-made bowl
1 x fork
1 x vegan (to eat)

1 x 750ml bottle of artesian Vegan Water®
1 x punnet of organically grown strawberries

1 x punnet of organically sourced blueberries
Selection of additional fruit as desired

Course: Snack/Treat

Serves: 1+ Persons

Preparation time: 
Slicing: 120 seconds
Serving: 60 seconds
Total: 3 minutes

"Some things just aren't vegan enough" - Abraham Lincoln (maybe)


1) Unbox your fruit and ethically dispose of the packaging in your recycling bin.

2) Wash the fruit with our natural artesian Vegan Water

3) Slice fruit into manageable mouthful sized pieces

4) Arrange sliced fruit in a bowl

5) Eat

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