Vegan Filtered Coffee

1 x v60 coffee maker
1 x hand-crafted ceramic mug
1 x vegan (to do latte art and drink)

1 x 750ml bottle of artesian Vegan Water®
1 x bag of Tanzania Peaberry Coffee beans

Course: Drink

Serves: 1 Person

Preparation time: 
Boiling: 120 seconds
Making Modern Day Art: 120 seconds
Total: 4 minutes


1) Source a high-quality and organically produced coffee product from a far-flung region of the globe. You know fine well that instant coffee is a disgrace to your vegan lifestyle. Here at Vegan Water®, we can un-scientifically state that the more remote and impoverished the area where the beans are grown, the better the coffee. Try countries such as Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Honduras for starters.

2) Boil the required amount of our natural artesian Vegan Water®. Tap water is for amateurs.

3) Grow a beard, put on a flannel shirt, roll up the bottom of your jeans, and spin your favourite vinyl on a record player.

4) Prepare coffee using your V60 coffee maker in the most hipster way possible.