The Power is in the Bottle

Here at Vegan Water®, our goal is not only to help hydrate your lifestyle choice but to also make the Earth a better place. By choosing to follow the Vegan-based practices of not consuming meat or dairy, and abstaining from the use of animal products and those tested on animals, you are already making a positive difference in the world. We would like to do the same through the consumption of our products.

Currently, more than 70% of the Earth’s shorelines are in retreat due to rising sea levels, and as shorelines move landward, structures located on or near the beach may be destroyed. This has also lead to a global sand shortage, with construction companies and other parties left dependent on beach-derived sand which is now no longer available.

So what if you could turn empty glass bottles into a sand substitute? Well, using our cutting-edge technologically advanced sand machines, we are able to do just that.

Once you have finished hydrating your lifestyle with our natural artesian water, simply get in touch with us and we will arrange collection of your empty bottles, turn them into a sand substitute, and give this by-product free of charge to companies looking to perform urban regeneration in disadvantaged areas.

The Process

1) Our thirst quenching natural artesian water is consumed by you, the loyal customer.

2) Empty bottles and other glass are taken to be recycled.

3) 70% of glass is able to be recycled. This is used to make new bottles.

4) Instead of going to landfill, the 30% of non-recyclable glass is crushed, helping to increase the recycling rate for consumer glass.

5) Crushed bottles and non-recyclable glass is combined to make  a bottle sand substitute which is then used for construction, concrete, golf bunkers, and road paving; helping alleviate the pressure being put on coastlines.