The Water

"Life is water dancing to the tune of solids. Without that dance, there could be no life." 

- Gerald Pollack, author of The Fourth Phase of Water

Whether you are a white-collar professional working at a multinational firm; a self-employed niche business owner; a proud member of the upper-bourgeois society, or an artist/writer following your creative passions, the water that you consume speaks volumes about your status. Here at Vegan Water®, we pride ourselves on providing the ethically appropriate premium artesian water required to hydrate your chosen lifestyle.

Environmental Protection Agency scientists have proven that oil fracking procedures have polluted groundwater in the United States*, and other water sources could contain unwanted microbes, viruses and bacteria. Why take that risk?

Sourced from high up in the mountains of the enchanting Hyrule Range, Vegan Water® is so pure that it could be used at a baptism, and is more sacred than the fountain in the Sanctuary of Lourdes. By filtering and bottling this source of life at the earliest possible stage, we are able to remove any potential impurities and ensure that our water remains completely vegan-friendly.

Encased with care in uniquely-crafted 100% sustainable glass bottles, our premium artisan water is the crown jewel product for any lifestyle-conscious individual or company.

Please see our best-selling product range to start hydrating your lifestyle the way that it deserves.